Wednesday, April 9, 2008

NaPoWrMo #9


Outward few days, in the home, of course, a good thing happened - I Mint Chiffon blouses, shirts are short of the two-inch, multi-inch short sleeves, a long short-sleeved.

Ironically enough? Back a long time, have been maimed as a half people to wear this shirt,
can play a disabled beggar to begging.

Each time, it will clothes washing machine that clothes can not,
do not want to hand wash is not critical and wait for me

to return to Hong Kong
will be taken to the laundry.

Then, there are always one or more
do not like dolls clothes waiting for me back home.

Bad clothes washing frequency
than the number of clothes I buy more.

Unfortunately clothing,
because I have decent clothes through many years, not to mention, clothes.

Born in the 1980s friends,
a secondary school during the walk wearing Nike Taotao.

They often miss is the most laughs
through the Yasaki never, I always speechless.

I have,
and that is Yasaki fish and rice.

Wear a skirt school for five years,
become translucent, underwear lace bra and the car line, far have seen.

Finally, only the unpleasant task
of asking students to replace the old school dress.

At the time,
the family really basic fields?
Is not.

Mother that I would deliberately poor growth.

However, I only hate hearts forever.

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