Sunday, April 6, 2008

NaPoWrMo #5

Uh oh, playing catch up...

Skin to the body of the letter

Dear skin of the body:

You okay?
Sorry so late write to you, I am sorry.
To tell you now say "sorry", it is too late?

Have you, will forgive me?

Seven years ago is still my students started throwing waves 24 hours a day,
the consumption of health impatient youth.

The results, after seven years, I, not to 30, have been aging.

If a drop of blood can be became the organs of the body,
I really want to know your dissatisfaction,
what I question is how slow you,
which will be three in the 2nd cold sore throat tonsils ear inflammation water imbalance stomach cramps insomnia.

When 10-year-old mill that the injury situation,
although experienced half of Utah Health dead of night without sleep,
I prefer not to have rebound insomnia.

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