Friday, July 27, 2007


At this moment, I was really lucky, glad to turn back, time to let go.

I like such a Pajimo who make a living is all for pleasure.

Never more dangerous game more to stimulate more fun, of course, the dynamic soul shocking, sad and bad.

Have never felt free means salve, it is not a one-for-God is not allowed regular blue sky.

What is good, please give me a little bit of grip in the hands of millions Do not Consider Too deserted.

The results?

The result is no reason for the gambling stake, and so do not know the size, I just want to leave.

Occasionally, I always some newcomer to the courage, bravery in the swap their stay.

Still unclear, may I just want the summer, more contacts sunshine.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Do Not Forget

Hello men right, not because you are worthy of his right Hello.

Only a moment for a woman he wants good, and you happen to read.

Do Not Forget 2

After the men get up after work and having fun when they are sick, call for you, not because of your love.

He was disappointed not to love love, but occasionally also need care, and you just kind of temperature.

Do Not Forget 3

"Forgotten behind surplus has shrunken, thinking back to take immediate"

Each of the past "A Dream of Red Mansions" all women should know that women do Mansion Building, another too.

Do Not Forget 4

Women do, do not ask men to gifts, even just joking are not.

Because all the advantages of women in the eyes of men was wiped out immediately.

Although it is only a joke.

Do Not Forget the Five

Call you every day to suddenly no longer the man, not the accident occurred work out the problems.

Simply because he does not want to call you to hear your voice.

No need to complicate the simple issue.

Do not forget 6

Women opinionated, so do all the things men moved, and then complain that men are insensitive.

The man is the right not to sell off.

Do Not Forget 7

If the man who had not found your skin care products, please discarded backpacks.

Just a little trying them one thing, why should a woman scream.

Do Not Forget the All

Once there was a man asked me, have in the luggage trunk he mentioned.

I did not, I know how to comply with the rules of the game.

"Do not forget that" all the truth comes from the drift of his body.

I have been unable to understand why it can be subject to that kind of injury, but continued as if nothing had happened.

During that relationship, each one had gaps infiltration full bitterness.

Occasionally there will be other flavor, to see whether I was willing to believe that the salt or sugar.

Today, try to walk away, which I look at how willing to abuse their own.

I was clearly the intention of love, in the wrong place wrong time encounter are ultimately indulgence.

I read heard Playground Lane really truly love.

But the number of people to tears, only love can be a success?

I am reminded of the movie "Wind stag Dick" Huifang of a dialogue: "because I love to never never given up."

I will say: "I was it."

You believe that?

But do not forget, the other in the wrong place to find love.

I pay the full amount of tuition and the most clearly.

I in the wrong places he encountered, it can only become worthless in his eyes. always smart enough not thoughtful enough beautiful enough tact.

Even though I have other strengths, even if I was a clever woman, he has not seen.

Because prejudiced, I would be a mistake, the same as waiting for bad and doubtful debts disassociate.