Tuesday, April 1, 2008

NaPoWrMo #1

It's National Poetry Writing Month again so I'm going to try to post a poem a day for April (if I wimp out, I reserve the right to call April Fool!).

Juicy and yummy

In fact, I enjoy a good freeze.

Drainage each television broadcast to both, I will immediately look up to the fire is clear.

Searching late seamless music freeze not only new to girl skirt, the color stockings.

Juicy and yummy, really no-regrets of the dead.

Facelift, so-called? Microphone also bought both of the same principle, but you'd be a shirt.

Peugeot looks, long hair, breast enhancement, shining hip, a curve.
Hands and feet really go the distance still left little meat, think?
(If I lose weight willing to sponsor cutting array of narrow nose, I am the servant to you! Will be met my blog, ah?)

Assuming all kind-hearted, only: artificial beauty of the same points, you really will pick a shame of both?

If you despise people trafficking and sex, but that of everyone in sale for living expenses.

Unless death, the first time for selling you, you will be met despise their own land sales?

Net will be afraid of a price. Well, good enough.

I fundamental to every minute of all sex trafficking, went to see the workers, the same conditions apply to everything, a kind of feels unpleasant to the eye, the other on three sharp 180, I want to ocular discomfort.

Only worry of both, and if there are three drainage both appearance and I both influenza is not even the world will be better.

Honest, a bra top garter, I think.

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