Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oklahoma is eh

After we escaped from Arkansas (you know you're in the bible belt when
the churches are bigger than the Home Depot) we drove through eastern
Oklahoma in the dark--not realizing we were seeing the exact same
landscape we would have seen during the day. Oklahoma is a vast
landscape of flat emptiness, devoid of anything interesting save the
shredded plastic grocery bags lining the countless miles of barbed
wire fences. We did, however, have a stroke of luck with a motel in
Oklahoma City. It turns out that, since the ice storms last week,
many of the residents are living in motels. On our third attempt to
find a room we struck gold at a Holiday Inn Express--they gave us
their last room; one with 2 queen beds at a deep discount and the
cutie at the front desk even helped us to locate a parking space for
the trailer. We got a good night's sleep, worked out in the fitness
center, ate a decent continental breakfast, and struck out into the
void...did I mention there is nothing to see in Oklahoma? Even the
cows didn't seem satisfied chewing their cud. We couldn't even find
adventure when we went looking for it. Both Route 66 museums we
stopped at in western OK were closed. This state would be a good
place for a nap. Next up is Texas...


Orion said...

Glad you've got some sun. Yeah, I've heard Oklahoma is a vast emptiness with harsh winters, humid summers, and nasty beasties called chiggers. I'm sure Texas will be much better - NOT! Love reading your posts. Sounds like you are having fun.

Weather here is supposed to be nasty here all next week, so let's hope we have a window to get you and your trailer over the summit.


P.S. FYI, there's no "s" in "cud"

Shanti said...

Well my friend you are certainly experiencing the Bible Belt in all her glory! You know you're in the thick of it when the churches are bigger than the Home Depot! Yikes. Perhaps a plastic Jesus on the dash board would keep you from getting pulled over for routine stops as they like to call it in those parts. :)

Really love reading your posts. Thank you! You are such a great writer.

Sending much love to you and Sedona.
Hoping for nice weather on your return.


Abrxas said...

Nasty beasties like chiggers...and Southern Baptists. :-)