Friday, October 24, 2008

Ah, Mormons

As Nikki said this morning, "you'd think the Mormons would be more tolerant of alternative lifestyles."

My theory is this supposed gay threat to traditional marriage conflicts with their MLM style religion--without procreation their downlines are in jeopardy.

Whatever the reason, if these bigots choose to involve themselves so heavily in politics they ought to be taxed like any other business (oops, did I just suggest that religion is a business?)...

Prop 8: California gay marriage fight divides LDS faithful
The church's effort against gay marriage is its most vigorous since 1970s

By Peggy Fletcher Stack
The Salt Lake Tribune

The thought of going to church in her southern California LDS ward makes Carol Oldham cry. She can't face one more sermon against same-sex marriage. She can't tolerate the glares at the rainbow pin on her lapel.

Oldham, a lifelong Mormon, is troubled by her church's zeal in supporting a California ballot initiative that would define marriage as between one man and one woman. She feels the church is bringing politics into her sanctuary.

"It has tainted everything for me," Oldham said, choking up during a telephone interview. "I am afraid to go there and hear people say mean things about gay people. I am in mourning. I don't know how long I can last."

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Rick said...

I think it's spelled Mormon.

Michael said...

Good catch...thanks.

Abrxas said...

MLM with downlines! Wow, you nailed it. That's the best description I've heard of organized religions in a while. Nice.