Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Since November

1) I weave a purple cold cap.

2) non-stop to eat every day but can not do sports, I like a pig.

3) tearing down the gel nail, and now my fingernails with SAW II poster comparable.

4) I am looking «fashion moment».

5) tearing down the fake lashes, every North Korea when I do not know where the eye.

6) friends again to catch other people's fiancee, I would like to kill him.

7) the eight-hour day wearing orthopedic underwear makes me want to die.

8) stewardess peanut butter and I was maimed DoubleStar.

9) back cartilage transfer, physical therapy.

10) ipod nano maintenance period imminent, a new free-for-the.

11) despair miss crabs.

12) Ricepaper French Kiss super-delicious, AE platinum card, 50% (card: Princess Margaret Road Road).

13) the entire November, can only go to work for two days.

14) see the parents is an fears about the activities.

15) received a set of «Galaxy Railway 999», thank you.

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