Saturday, November 3, 2007

Phase Grams of Health

The acquaintance did not know why people criticize me, still insignificant?

If you are like me, as a mother, land-guys -with a gooseneck Bridge vicious cur -to my 27.

The others are all trivial.

1. "Days at you." *

2. "Plot you, because living ending years啦." *

3. "Your company - lowly grid, the microphone to marry message that ah." *

4. "I keep eyes on the release of long life, to see your point miserable." *

5. She would wash my most beloved Black the most expensive clothes, forever.

6. She would kick Tu I have spent a good foot, most of the time.

7. She will be demolished my letter box inverted箧 View turned my garbage has been.

8. The end-to-end she would not seek marriage for me signed, executed under under.

No fortune teller know, she and I are of a certain phase grams of Health.

In fact, my mother loves me, I love my mother.

However, I still leave the better.

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