Friday, February 8, 2008

Henry Mancini's Barnacle

A triumphant return to Flarf (well, a return anyway)...

Henry Mancini's Barnacle

welcome to theocracy
the perfect world of
bald eagles and born-aginners a'calling
bombshells are for eastern cultures, not barmaids

never underestimate the importance of
mud-slinging, highly caffeinated
performance enhancing Republican leaders
returning to slaughter everyone who is not a Christian

globalization's valuation
as intense as 9/11 on steroids
someone should stop that ludicrous summer solstice
and agree to have a plucky duck religious first impression instead

not so sure about marine crustaceans
crazy kids with their colons
how big will I get from a bottle of steroids?
odds are it's probably steroids that got Jesus fingered

analyze abalone, abacuses, bilious vapors, and a barnacle encrusted blow-up pool
authorities also said they are investigating
whether steroids may have been a factor in Henry Mancini
he does have some outstanding baggage

for every human being on earth, there are about 200 million insects
abandon barleycorns and bald cypress, scrambled eggs, and scotch chasers at your peril
They invoke the nightmarish possibility of juxtaposition
That is—you can probably thank a trilobite for your soaring profits

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