Sunday, October 14, 2007

Anticipated Turnips


Rupert said...

was wondering if you'd like to submit 'poetry finds static' for this?

4b Tremayne Close, Devoran, Truro TR3 6QE England
01872 864377

October 2007

Dear author

I am editing an anthology with the working title of MANIFESTO! for Salt Publishing. This is an open invitation to submit.

I would prefer new, unpublished work, but will also consider published work which you hold the copyright and rights to and can give full permission for it to be reprinted.

I am looking for poetry, poetics and poetical manifestos, in the form of poetry or [poetic?] texts rather than critical articles or essays, but also hope for work which will blur the boundaries. I am looking for a diversity of opinion, attitude, approaches and styles: the aim is to aid and start discussion, not to offer a single argument or position.

Authors whose work is included will retain full copyright of their work and receive a free copy of the anthology.

Please email your submission to RML@stridebooks, with 'manifesto submission' in the subject line. Please put your work in the body of the email AND as a word attachment, and include your name, address and phone number.

The deadline for submission is Monday 10th december 2007.

Please feel free to forward this to others.

Best wishes

Rupert Loydell

IsaKat said...

fuckin'a man this shit is unbelieveable "drop your heart into mine and never hear it touch bottom" fuck man, the depth in this makes me want to scream fuckin' A!!!! so good, too good, jesus and mary and all the demons and depth and you have hit it my friend fuckin' straight to your core and expressed truth. you are brilliantly expressing your textural reality through text-ture! yayah and blessings on pursuit and expression of truth of a mad hatter!

IsaKat said...
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IsaKat said...

sorry for all the f's.. i was so excited when i read this...

Michael said...

Thanks Isa--I'm so glad you were excited (I don't mind the f's at all)! :)