Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Screeds on Poetry

OK, here's the deal. I haven't been writing very much poetry these days but I have any number of really, really lame excuses--uh, I mean really, really good reasons:

1.) I'm too busy. This is the old-stand-by excuse. I am less busy than usual since I'm taking the summer off from school, but I do have a gallery to help run which I've been neglecting a lot. I've been playing a lot of catch-up with bookkeeping, taxes, and a myriad of other behind-the-scenes activities that make businesses run. Now for the shameless plug--The gallery I co-own with my wife Nikki and our friend Inger is called Bohemia Gallery & Framing and it is located at 222 A Street in Ashland. We have lots of really great art, new shows monthly, big blowouts every First Friday Artwalk, and oh-so much more--check it out!

2.) I'm having so much fun this summer I don't have time to write. I know, I know..."writer's write," you say. Well I say, "uh, yeah, you're right." I have nothing here. Writing IS fun (or so I keep telling myself).

3.) The pain. Yes, this has been a particularly injurious summer for me. The worst injury (and hopefully the last for a while) was broken ribs at the beginning of July in a mountain biking crash. OUCH!

4.) My new iPhone. Yes, I was tempted by Steve Jobs to go out and buy what has turned out to be, quite possibly, the single greatest purchase of my life. I used to think of myself as someone who shunned consumer-culture but those days are SO gone. My love affair with my new phone is one for the ages (or at least until the second generation). It plays music to me, reminds me of important events, shows me where to turn while we're out driving together, predicts the weather (like a clairvoyant), and encourages me to connect with my friends (what other lover does that?) as well as the outside world. I now spend most days continually checking my email and surfing the internet on a 2 1/2" screen. I know it seems silly but love is truly a mysterious thing. Did I mention I have an iPhone?

All of the above are no excuse. I will write more (I will write more, I will write more, I will...). I actually am writing a bit--my brother's birthday is coming up and I'm writing an essay as payback for the film he made skewering me on my birthday last year. I will post the essay (or a link to it) when it's finished. In lieu of the poetry I'm not writing I've decided to post some of the journals I wrote for Mohammad's WR341 class last winter. I had fun writing these little commentaries (diatribes) and thought I'd share them (along with links to the poems discussed, if possible). If you're reading this you certainly don't have anything better to do this summer...ENJOY!

BTW, all of the poems referenced can be found in this book.

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