Monday, April 16, 2007

A Mug Ransacks (Anagrams Suck)

It seemed like an easy enough task--take each of the poet's names from the Hoover anthology from last term, anagram them, mix the words up refrigerator-magnet style, and then write a poem with the results. After obsessing about this and spending countless hours working on it at the expense of my sanity and catching a wicked case of writer's block (and a cold) in the process I am washing my hands of it. I ended up splitting it into two poems because there were definitely a couple of different themes happening. The titles (anagrams of Anagram Poets One and Anagram Poets Two) are the only words that weren't derived from the poet's names. Now, perhaps, by ceremonially casting this into the cybersphere, my mind will be freed to work on more creative and more productive endeavors. National Poetry Month, my ass...

Propagate as Ornament

Dullness rose over Mecca
Jack screwed Jill in hot ember Arabia
Roman queen Juno whose enemies betrayed her
as Jack rejoiced

one crackled, violent bulwark image
palace hall orgy—harem rebelling…
she is the rib?
all hear a brash woman—an acolyte can reign!

men irk Savior son in ten ton tomb—fed up, mad, breeding regret
pray lad, yell in vain
rat knock, rat lurch
pine bat snag

crazy Jew remembering to whip Himler on hell’s molten shoal
no mere man can underscore ills so probable
so far, scorpion ail healer
dry rot, dirt shrine; melancholy, alluring

elm branches hang in water
wrinkled old nags impaired
when Mozart faints
never beg nor relent

Propagate to Straw Man

severed cock
mash hen, cram hen
soak me, cajole me
neuron awe, Akron awe
catlike jungle hiss
avid issue, avid wish
Jamaican oil ass cleft anus
our jet liner, our ark
rip ass, redden ego
it is man
he ate
hairy, horny, lead-belly slob
join us in any brunch line held hence
need love? shop more!
L.A. grocer ad read “low prices!”
sugar, malt, celery dip, rye, lime creams, melon jam, salty anchovies, Coke, crab cake, mayo
jog, run, jog, spend!
backup mail, cork jar, arch yarn, affix ad, nag later
bogus Zurich measle dragnet
legalize beer, scorn pot
inhale joy
acid vial czar, Pensacola jailer, frankest rod

ah, July
Jorge and Jinny rarely did it
Edwardian urban anal trek, Oscar hap
ten prowlers walked
gay kid weathering Denver in hay igloo
Reno brat had mellow end
swarthy amateur dancer
dim blinker or halt
bear clan hunt
ant hole or hornet norm, ha!
ant core or gas merger alarm
lawn tent, lawn toy—lilies
I burn therefore I am

amen, dad

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